Data Crush UK | Professional destruction of your digital data
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Data Crush

Protect yourself and your data with the professional destruction of your digital data.

Protect your business and stay compliant with Data Crush

Protect your company data and address GDPR compliance with the professional destruction of your digital data.

Protect your personal data with Data Crush

Protect yourself from cyber-crime and identity theft with the secure disposal of your digital data.

Partner with Data Crush to offer your customers something new

A new and simple service to help your clients and customers dispose of their data safely and securely.

Why Data Crush?

It is a common myth that deleting a file ensures that the information contained within it cannot be accessed. Files are never truly deleted, they just become ‘invisible’ to the user, but the data remains on the device.

So when it’s time to dispose of unwanted digital media it is important it is done professionally and the hard drive is completely destroyed, to protect companies from data breaches and individuals from becoming the victims of cyber-crime. And remember, data isn’t just found in computers, it is stored in many every day devices such as laptops, tablets, iPads, memory pens, CD/DVD, back-up tapes, cartridges, mobile phones and servers.

When you dispose of confidential paper in the office, you shred it; data destruction is no different – the hardware needs to be mechanically destroyed and in doing so, if you are a business, you will be meeting your legal obligations for data protection (GDPR).

Here at Data Crush, we specialise in removing drives from the devices, tagging them and securely disposing of them, so you are safe in the knowledge that the data has been destroyed forever.

Data Crush offers a simple, cost-effective, audited and certificated process for the complete destruction of digital media devices.

Data security with Data Crush.


All of our operators are background checked and BS7858 Certified so your data is safe


We use unbranded, tamper-proof bags and our own barcode system so your data is anonymous and protected


Our vehicles are all tracked via GPS and fitted with lockable boxes so your data is safe during transport


All of your data is fully tracked and accounted for from the moment we bag it to the moment it goes into the shredder, ensuring your compliance with GDPR and more